It filters the design of the iPhone 7s, and will make you want to buy ... Note 8 -


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Friday, 25 August 2017

It filters the design of the iPhone 7s, and will make you want to buy ... Note 8

If a few days ago we talked about everything that had leaked in relation to the next iPhone 8 thanks to the information found in the HomePod firmware, which was published prematurely for unknown reasons, today we find that the iPhone 7s has suffered a Luck even worse . The new Apple phone, destined to reign in the ranges that the next iPhone 8 hangs down with its absurd price, has surprised us with its early filtration.

Apparently, they have relaxed with security measures in the production chain, and have let out a few images of the components of the new iPhone 7s. Thanks to them, we have been able to see your motherboard, the fundamental component of the phone, which we have already taught you a few hours ago. And now, we have been able to take a look at the design of the front of the new phone that, to our dismay, has not undergone any change with respect to the previous models.

Apple should rethink its strategy with the design of its devices

That's right, despite the fierce competition with which will compete the new line of iPhone, Apple has decided to continue with the same lines of the iPhone 7 in one of the models of its new generation. Although other rivals like Samsung have decided to bet on innovation, Cupertino seem to prefer to throw for the sake, or rather, for the old, because it makes no sense to preserve the design of its predecessors after seeing the great change that will suffer the IPhone 8.

And is that, after seeing how manufacturers have decided to leave behind the classic designs to which we had become so accustomed, it is not a receipt that a company like Apple leaves behind a fundamental component of its line of smartphones. And less after having gone from innovators with changes as unpopular as removing the jack of 3.5 for headphones. Just for this, I would seriously consider acquiring any other smartphone, I would even consider buying the new Note 8. At least the Galaxy justifies its price better.

And you, what do you think of the design of the iPhone 7s?

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