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Monday, 14 August 2017

Learn how to use the new one-handed iPhone keyboard on iOS 11

This operating system, still in beta, takes the one-handed mode to the default keyboard. Once enabled, you can shrink and attach the keyboard to the left or right edge of the screen .

You can use the single-handed keyboard function in vertical mode on the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone. The end result will be a keyboard similar to the iPhone 4-inch .

How to Enable a One-Hand Keyboard

Enabling one-handed mode is easy enough. And since it is included in the keyboard itself, turning it on and off is fast.

-After opening the keyboard, touch and hold the Globe key.

- Here, under the list of keyboards, you will find three new buttons. The keypad button in the middle will be highlighted.

-Depending on the hand you want to hold the iPhone, touch the keyboard icon on the left to attach the keyboard to the left. To attach it to the right, click on the keyboard icon on the right.

How to Disable a One-Hand Keyboard

To return to the full size keyboard, simply touch the uppercase arrow .

You can also do this from the General menu:

-Open the Settings application and go to General> Keyboard .

-From here, touch Keyboard in one hand .

-You will find three options here: Off, Left and Right . Touch Left or Right to attach the keyboard to each side. The "Off" option brings you back to the full-size keyboard.

This new feature of iOS 11 can be very useful in certain occasions. I spend many times in the supermarket, when I have to respond something urgent and I'm carrying the basket. Although it is true, we can always make a stop, respond later or use the microphone icon to dictate to iPhone what we want.

What do you think of the new one-handed keyboard in iOS 11? Do you think it will be useful? Do you use a third-party keyboard? Share it with us in the comments.

Source: iphonehacks.com

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