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Friday, 11 August 2017

Librate of the most annoying function of the iPhone for only one euro

Without any doubt, one of the biggest problems in the first world is due to a song. But not a particular song if not rather the first song in your music library . Maybe you have no idea what I'm talking about, but if you've been through this you'll know perfectly.

Everyone possessing a fairly new car knows that seconds after connecting the phone to charge it or listen to music, the car starts to play music directly through its stereo . It always sounds the first song (alphabetically ordered) of the music library of your phone, so that the passengers are obliged to listen to the song a few seconds.

This is not the biggest problem in the world, of course. But it is very annoying and sometimes embarrassing when the song that sounds is not too appropriate . However, there are always solutions for everything and Samir Mezrahi found a way to fix this inevitable problem: a blank song.

A blank song?

This song is about, literally, 10 minutes of empty song . It is also titled: " A aaaa Very Good Song ", this way make sure that the first one will always sound in your music library. With this track, every time you connect your iPhone in a car, you will know that you will have at least 10 minutes of absolute silence . So you have time to navigate between your songs and choose the one you really want to hear.

This audio track was released on August 7 at the price of 1.29 euros on iTunes and has received a lot of criticism on this platform . Surprisingly, all are good critics who say: "it changes your life" or "it is a masterpiece".

In my opinion, one can pay the price for an empty music file if you want, however, it is surely much easier and cheaper to make one yourself that audio track .

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