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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Make Money Selling Your Privacy on Facebook

There are currently more than 8 billion devices used by more than 5 billion active users worldwide . Each of which generates massive amounts of data. These data are extremely important to some companies. But the only way to access them is through services such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, Uber, etc.

But what if you could sell your private data instead of sharing it with Facebook and other social networks? A new application called Datum allows you to sell your privacy anonymously and earn some money through a system of virtual currencies or criptomonedas.

Datum has a technology capable of backing up structured data related to social networks, mobile devices and home automation accessories . This is a platform with which users can share, sell and buy data under their own terms.
How does Datum work?

To start, a user requests and receives their data, automatically publishing them and anonymously on the Datum platform. The data is then encrypted under the terms of use of each individual . This data reaches the cloud of Datum services, after storage is allocated a limited amount of tokens. Finally, the buyer acquires the data by paying with tokens, which are sent to the owner of the data.

Roger Haenni, CEO and co-founder of Datum, explained the launch of Datum as follows:

    "At present the data is controlled by several companies. We return this data to users and allow them to make economic benefits for them. " 

The gains made in exchange for privacy data are not very high, but if we consider that our data are already exposed in social networks such as Facebook and in messaging applications like WhatsApp, it is an interesting alternative.

After a period of testing and pre-launch, the Datum application will be available in early 2018 .

What do you think about the services they offer from the Datum platform? Would you sell your privacy in exchange for criptomonedas?

Source | Andro4all 

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