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Monday, 28 August 2017

Make perfect photos with your iPhone stored in your pocket

From a time to this part, since the mobiles began to incorporate cameras more and more sophisticated, the flood of images that we take with them makes that we can leave registered all the moments, trivial or not.

Many times it is uncomfortable to take our iPhone out of the bag or pocket to take a snapshot and for that, we want to present you a gadget that surely makes the delights of the most curious.
Yi 88001

How is it?

The YI 88001 takes photos of 16 MX and has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to transmit directly to our device. Shoot in 1080p at 60FPS, among many other resolutions and goes completely unnoticed, weighing only 72 grams. It is much smaller than it looks and is available in an elegant black color or a nice white.

The camera is sold alone, without the accessories offered by other action cameras, but there are plenty of accessories available that you can buy apart, such as a waterproof case and a number of different mounts. With this camera you have the possibility to share images or videos in a very short time in the social networks from your iPhone thanks to the application.

This camera makes a completely logical sense if you want to take quick pictures on any occasion . In travel you can carry it in your hand and shoot without fear, preserving your iPhone for other purposes if you see fit. In addition, the photos that makes a sports camera with its particular optics, 155 degrees of viewing angle, give a different perspective.

With its built-in battery of 1010 mAh you have enough time for shooting, which obviously reduces if you dedicate to recording videos. For a while strolling around the city or doing outdoor activities you have more than enough.
Our verdict

We consider that it is a good buy, it does not pretend to replace the camera of your iPhone , but it is a complement that can give much of itself. Its price is not as high as that of other brands, nor as small as those of some that we see of dubious origin and that do not stop being clones, with results also very poor. Panasonic technology combines in the battery, Ambarella chip inside and manufacturing by Yi , a guarantee.

If you are also bringing a sports camera on your travels and use it as a complement to the iPhone, we would be happy to read your opinions about it . We wait for you in the next post. 

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