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Friday, 18 August 2017

McDonald's filters iPhone 8 design in its latest ad

What better way to generate interest in your last advertising campaign than to filter an image of the most anticipated product of the year? Hint: we're not talking about food, but the iPhone 8. At McDonald's they know it and have not hesitated to do it through e-mail. And is that if everyone waits for the iPhone 8 , why not show how your app is in an unofficial render terminal of the year? Assured success.

This is what the creative brand of fast food restaurants in Australia have done to showcase their new app, but they are not the first to play with our hype . A few months ago the Italian singer Tiziano Ferro played the lookup in a video clip in which appeared a terminal that met all the requirements to be the iPhone 8.

And let's face it, an advertising campaign based on a food app does not usually become viral because even though it is useful, it is not exciting. But the thing changes when the application is on the iPhone 8, which with all due respect for the competition, is the mark of design, quality and innovation no matter how much Samsung, OnePlus or Nokia strive to give a blow of the table.

As you can see in the photograph and the GIF, it is an iconic terminal that does not require additional text or of course the bite apple so characteristic: borderless screen except in the upper area where the front camera and face recognition And iris. That split status bar is unmistakable. In addition, the iOS interface is obvious.

By the way, this render was initially filtered by Apple guru Benjamin Geskin on his Twitter account. Geskin himself has confirmed that it is his render, something that sounds as if he had not asked permission or charged for its use. True or more controversial to increase popularity?

Via | Cult of Mac

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