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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Neither Apple fans want to buy a 1000 dollar iPhone

At this moment, there are few unknowns remaining around the launch of the next iPhone. Because of Apple itself, which revealed in an unfortunate oversight many of the characteristics that would have in new model with the publication of the HomePod firmware, we are still few surprises to know about the iPhone that will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the line. Or, at least, that is what we think those who are waiting for it.

Well, actually, if that is one of the most important secrets. The one that will decide finally if the iPhone 8 will be one of the most successful phones of Apple, or if, on the contrary, it becomes an object thought for the collectors who want to have a memory of this technological event. Of course, we are talking about price, one of the decisive factors in the purchase of any device.

The salvation of the iPhone 8 could be in installments and renewal programs

And it is that, many times, it is the price that decides us for one or another product. In this case, however much Apple is responsible, it seems that people will not be willing to pay any price to renew their equipment. At least, that is what indicates the survey that has made Barclays to know the reception of the market before a possible launch in which the iPhone 8 costs more than 1000 dollars. Only 11% of respondents would be interested in an iPhone with that price , in the case of current users of an iPhone would be 18%.

However, not everything is pessimism in the report of the firm, and is that this does not mean that people are not willing to buy the new phone . Thanks to the renewal programs, which offer phone financing with option to change in the future, many more people would be interested because they would not have to shell out the huge amount of $ 1000. It will take a while to see how much Apple believes its new phone is worth.

And you, how much would you pay for the new iPhone?

Source | CNBC

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