Neither iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone Edition. This box would reveal its official name. -


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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Neither iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone Edition. This box would reveal its official name.

A few weeks ago we echoed a study that talked about the veracity of rumors about the iPhone . As a reminder we will tell you that as you can expect, the closer you come to September, the more reliable you are . And in addition, approximately 50% of them materialize.

Well, the new leak of the iPhone 8 comes from the Twitter account of the iPhone leaks guru, Benjamin Geskin and if true, would surprise the own and strangers .

In fact, what comes from the Geskin account comes from the Chinese website Weibo and apparently would be three photographs: two of them show their display from various angles confirming for the umpteenth time that borderless screen with a slight bevel in the upper area to The front camera . So far, nothing new. One more realization of the spectacularity of the next flagship of Apple .

Neither iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone Edition ...

It is the third photograph that left us with the mouth open. At the beginning of the year n adie was clear the name of the iPhone 8 and was speculated with several alternatives . The first of all was the iPhone X, others aimed at iPhone Edition and finally seems to be on everyone's iPhone 8, in fact is the one we use most blogs to refer to this iPhone special edition tenth anniversary. But maybe we're messing up.

Because from Weibo we see a box that breaks all the boxes: iPhone 8, iPhone Edition or iPhone X. If this filtration is true - which we take between clips because we already know that China is the country of fakes -, the iPhone 8 is I would actually call iPhone X Edition .

But as we say, maximum precaution, it is neither the first nor the last box that we will see in this sense. Regarding the name, it could be perfectly, so we do not rule it out. Take note: iPhone X Edition.

Via | Weibo

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