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Friday, 4 August 2017

New details of iPhone 8 cameras are leaked

Recently, when we talked about the software of the new camera of the iPhone 8 that had been discovered in the code of the HomePod, we said that there was not too much information about the cameras. And, in part, it was. We only had certain details about some of the more curious characteristics of the same, no concrete details. At least, that was the situation until now, as today has begun to change the situation.

First, we learned that the camera would use features designed to make a more effective automatic adjustment in each scene. With this feature, I think it began to be clear that Apple has no plans to lag behind in terms of the photographic quality of their phones. Now, we have something more juicy, which will delight those who use their iPhone to record video very frequently, such as the famous vloggers.

You will be able to record video in ultra high definition ... With the two cameras

Again, it has been the code of the new intelligent speaker that has allowed to discover some of the technical characteristics of the new cameras. The Brazilian site iHelp BR has managed to find in the firmware of the HomePod the maximum resolution of recording for both cameras, both the rear and the front. And, in both cases, it is 4K 60FPS, being a considerable leap from the limitation of 4K 30FPS on the rear and 1080P on the front of the iPhone 7.

With this, and if the overall quality of recording accompanies the increased resolution, the iPhone 8 could become the perfect tool for content creators . In a mobile phone, they could have the quality of a mid-range camera, with what that implies. Of course, it will be necessary to see if it is confirmed, but they do not do more than to arrive good news since the code of the HomePod began to be dissected completely.

And you, do you use your iPhone to record regularly?

Via | MacRumors

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