New in Pokémon GO: the super incubator arrives -


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Thursday, 24 August 2017

New in Pokémon GO: the super incubator arrives

We have good news for all the players of this Niantic app, present on iOS and Android devices. The next update will introduce some new newly discovered objects , fix some other bug, and make some necessary adjustments. Do you dare to discover them?

What some of the followers of this mobile game are looking forward to, which made it hotter with its launch last summer, is that the Super Incubator is finally implemented , although the cost to obtain it may not be economical, although still Its definitive price is unknown.

The Super Incubator is likely to be an element of the store, which costs more than the normal incubator. The high price would be because the Super Incubator will allow players to hatch eggs at a much faster rate by decreasing the amount of kilometers players need to travel. There is no official release date yet, but we believe it will arrive very soon, maybe this week.

As with each upgrade, Pokémon Go has fixed several bugs that were related to different aspects of the game. The most important problem solved is a bug patch that occurs when players feed their Pokémon berries in gyms . While this action previously did not favor a Pokémon, which in turn would leave it vulnerable to accidental transfers, players will now be able to feed their Pokémon berries in their spare time.

Other bugs fixed in the new update include a re-use time for Raids notifications , so players do not receive spam with notifications when there are multiple raids nearby and various network errors in addition to memory upgrades to speed up the game .

As you can see, Niantic Labs has been working hard to offer the best of the best to its followers. If you are between one of them, tell us what you think these changes are coming very soon. As always, you can leave us your comments and remember that in iPadizate we work to be able to take the best. See you soon.

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