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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Nobody will miss Home button with iPhone HomeBar 8

Over the months we have been getting to know the speculations around the most useful and iconic iPhone button, we are talking about the Home button. With the iPhone 7 we said goodbye to a physical button but now directly there will not be a button as such. Some time ago we presented the Function Area, a zone of operations that agglutinated everything . But now we know much more: what will be called HomeBar and that will be dynamic and customizable . Do you want to know everything you can do with it?

Of course, until the iPhone 8 and iOS 11 are unveiled, we will not be able to see it in action, but with all the filtered information we can get an idea. The last of them comes from John Calkins, who shows us how our user experience will change with the new HomeBar .

In fact, the concept imagines iOS 12 but it is only an idea of ​​the author to allow more creative licenses. Because with what we can see: OLED screen, no borders and HomeBar, it is clear that we could also find this September .

In this HomeBar we can see how notifications, shortcuts, widgets are managed ... Because with the HomeBar you can access the messages, scroll through the widgets and return to the Home screen. In addition, it is 100% customizable and intuitive. Of course, it allows changing colors depending on the desktop wallpaper and even resize it .

As we can see, ** the appearance will be modified depending on the operating system, apps, Siri and more **. One quite necessary thing that could be modified is the notifications, to make them much faster and efficient.

In this concept we see an iPhone 8 with the technology always-on display , that allows to see at all times basic information like the time, the date and the notifications. Of course, with the spectacular design of the iPhone 8, the lightness of iOS 11 and new features, the user experience goes to another level and apps like Messages or Music come out very benefited.

By the way, how good they feel the dark tones to the OLED of the iPhone 8, will Apple note for a "dark mode"?

Via | 9to5Mac

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