Pass the iPhone 8 and charge your iPhone 7 wirelessly -


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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Pass the iPhone 8 and charge your iPhone 7 wirelessly

The wireless charge is expected to be one of the new features that will come with the iPhone 8 and Apple will really get to be focus of all eyes, again, with this technology. In fact, there are also rumors that the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus will also have wireless charging.

But who needs to wait for September to have a wireless-charged iPhone? If you have an iPhone 7, introduced last year, you can do it. That you do not know how? Well, we are here to tell you .

IPhone 7 Wireless Charger iPhone 7 Plus Wireless Charger
This gadget consists of a charging base and a cover that you have to put on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus . It is a high technology product, compact and elegant. It charges the phone without having to connect a cable in its base , and does not interfere with other functions of the device.

It is very elegant, practical and functional and for little money, less than you think, you can have the advantages of this technology , even get a little ahead of the revolution that will involve the introduction of wireless Apple. Perhaps many of you think that for what remains, better to wait, but we must take into account the number of users who are now debuting an iPhone 7 or who prefer not to buy the next release. Yes that makes sense so much.

Of course, so you can load this way you must put the case that comes with the pack. The covers come in various colors , black, transparent black, gold and silver, ideal for dust and scratches to go completely unnoticed. The case has a Lightning connector that can be removed or put on, in case at any time you want to charge in the traditional way.

You no longer have excuses for not having it, be it at home, office or wherever you prefer. stay tuned to our page and you will be aware of what is cooked in the Appley world around , we wait for you in the next post. See you soon!

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