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Monday, 28 August 2017

Please Documentation and iPhone Papers: Maximum Security at Apple Pay

At the WWDC in June, Apple announced that iOS 11 would allow iPhone and iPad users to send and receive money between individuals directly from the native app itself. In this way, Apple Pay would not only serve to make payments in stores, but would also be erected as direct competition of many apps that serve precisely for the same, yes, in a much more intuitive way and integrated directly into our terminal for convenience . We refer to Apple Pay Cash.

With iOS 11 beta 7 filtered lines of code, with Apple Pay Cash users would instantly and securely send money from their credit or debit card instantly . To implement this additional layer of security, to use Apple Pay Cash would be necessary to verify our identity through a national identity card, driver's license, etc.

In short, our iPhone or iPad would ask us for documentation to ensure that we are the owners of the iPhone and the current account , a great measure in the face of misplacement or theft, it is quite painful to lose a terminal of that price so that in addition Thieves can slash your savings.

In the line of the code it shows it clearly:

    Verify your identity to continue using Apple Pay Cash. 

It is very happy to see that while in other companies the effort is based on being the first even above safety (serve as an example how easy it is to trollear the face recognition of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a photo of card ), Apple join innovation with reliability .

In any case, we will not have to wait too long to see how Apple Pay Cash works and what it will take to set it up , however, this week is already September.

Via | BGR 

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