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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Problems parking? Forget about them with Google Maps

If Apple is characterized by being a company that tries to reach the maximum possible, there is another, and also American that does not follow behind. We speak of course Google , which began in 1996 with a search engine that is now the sancta sanctorum of any user of the network and that already encompasses multitude of fields. Both seem to want to go hand in hand sometimes.

Google has set out to lend a hand in one of the most tedious jobs of any driver, look for parking . It's amazing to see how you waste time, spend the minutes, spend fuel and patience in the cities trying to leave your vehicle parked.

Google Maps helps you park

Google has set out to help us not lose time or patience in this routine so frequent. After successful tests in the United States, now he moves his achievements to a series of Spanish cities that we detail and that we have arranged in alphabetical order.






What makes Google Maps is to give you indications on the most congested areas of traffic, and therefore, the areas where it is more difficult to find a free space for your car . It may sound silly, but it is not. Its usefulness is demonstrated when you move through cities that you do not know and that you are not aware about their parking areas.

The available cities will gradually increase , as recorded in Google's own blog and Maps will also show us information about the payment garages that are close to your destination , as well as on the way to this path.

Therefore, the way in which the applications are helping us in our daily life is something that is going to become a reality . We are scared to think how far we can go with these advances. Do not hesitate to comment and follow us on social networks, we are already working for the following contents are of your interest. See you soon.

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