Protect yourself in WhatsApp in a simple way with these tricks -


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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Protect yourself in WhatsApp in a simple way with these tricks

The use of messaging applications, and WhatsApp in particular, is very common. It is also the order of the day some problem when using it, as often because of carelessness or trust we can relax and see how they can make use of our account . To avoid this, we will see some recommendations, which come from the hand of Chema Alonso. For those who do not know, Chema is an expert in cybersecurity and a well-known hacker, this said without negative connotations.

Protect your WhatsApp

  • Prevent your number from dancing online. If you use WhatsApp and that number is the one of your habitual mobile, do not use it to put ads of buy-sell or pages of any type.
  • Controls profile photography. It is important that you change the default "all" to "my contacts" option. Do you remember those pages where entering a number you could see your photo?
  • Protect yourself with a VPN when you make connections over unsecured Wi-Fi networks . There are many free applications of this type that add an extra security.
  • Keeping the application up-to-date is critical to avoiding problems.

  • Turn on verification in 2 steps. To do this, go to Settings> Account> 2-step verification .
  • If you also have Facebook account, do not share the information of the first in the second. The social network will take data from your conversations and with whom you interact to suggest them within your circles of friendship.

  • Double blue check, it is interesting that you have it disabled and not only for safety, but for peace of mind.
With all this, which is only the tip of the iceberg and as you can see, are very simple recommendations, is not intended to frighten anyone. It is true that any of us can be potential victims , but following these recommendations will be making things more difficult for those who want to traffic our data and put us in a bind.

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