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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Renew or die: Apple removes a dozen colors from its official store

Surprisingly, Apple is failing to sell some colors of official cases for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch straps . The reason for the withdrawal of these products from their stores is unknown.

Yesterday, it was discovered that a selection of colors for covers was disappearing in the Apple stores of Japan. And today it has done so in the United States. Soon in the rest of countries. Specifically Stone, Pebble, Berry and Sapphire colors in both silicone and leather models.

Apple has removed a total of 50 different color options: 13 Smart Covers for iPad, 18 cases for iPad, 12 straps for Apple Watch and 7 nylon straps. Recently we saw how Apple introduced 6 new cases for iPhone 7 ... Renew or die!

Why has Apple removed so many official sleeves from its store?

One of the possible explanations about the removal of these products from Apple stores might be that the apple bite company wanted to simplify their inventory eliminating all those options that were less popular for the consumer.

In this way, Apple can devote more effort to the design of the new cases that will be marketed after the presentation of the iPhone 7s, the iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone of the tenth anniversary.

Currently the apple bite company has a wide variety of colors, materials and styles in its covers for each and every one of its products. Surely they are already planning the design of the new cases so that users of the new iPhone do not run out of their Christmas gift.

Finally, as they point from 9to5mac , it is noteworthy to mention that if you have been thinking of buying a case for your iPhone, iPad and / or a belt for Apple Watch we recommend you do it as soon as possible because Apple may continue to remove some options Of colors in their stores.

What do you think about the removal of certain colors from the Apple cases? What do you think might be due? We invite you to participate in the comments section and in social networks.

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