Samsung will copy 3D Touch from Apple iPhone -


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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Samsung will copy 3D Touch from Apple iPhone

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is coming , and the rumor storm continues to rise. Today, we have discovered that the South Korean company could copy one of the most iconic and exclusive features of Apple's iPhone.

We are talking about 3D Touch functionality, a feature that came together with the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus and has since been present on all iPhone models except the iPhone SE.

As the rumor suggests, Galaxy Note 8 will feature Force Touch features. This technology is able to detect the force of pressure that is applied to a touch screen . This allows the devices to perform different actions depending on the force that is used on the screen.

Will Samsung copy Apple again?

Apple's 3D Touch functionality has some pretty cool actions. For example, in Instagram allows users to press firmly on a photograph to enlarge it, without having to open the publication or have to go back.

Another of the most useful uses of the 3D Touch function is the quick actions present in the iOS application icons . Users click on an app and a quick menu appears with features such as Camera access, Mobile data, Mail, etc.

As we are informed via the Android Authority , Samsung will use a very similar technology in the Galaxy Note 8 virtual home button .

This feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also allow access to a menu of quick actions, such as iOS, with different options depending on the pressure used. Android 7.1 Nougat also introduced a menu of shortcuts with a very similar function, but in this case was not used a technology of sensitivity to pressure .

Do you think Samsung has copied Apple and its iPhone Touch 3D function? Do you think the company of the bite apple should file this case in a lawsuit?

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