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Monday, 21 August 2017

Scan, sign and send documents on iOS 11

Consider a situation: You receive a letter that includes a really important document inside. For this to be taken into account, it must be sent as soon as possible to an email address. However, remember that you do not have any scanners, and that you only have an iPad or an iPhone. Then, thanks to the renewed iOS 11 Notes app , you may have been saved.

The new version of iOS brings a lot of new features, but if there is something that stands out especially, it is in the aspect of productivity. One could say that iOS 11 is the most efficient mobile operating system that has been created, since it includes several utilities that drastically improve the use of the devices for certain tasks. Among them, is precisely the edition of digital documents .
Edit your documents with the help of your Apple Pencil

Thanks to the new iOS update, the Notes app has received a few new features including, for example, the ability to scan documents with the iPad or iPhone camera. To do this, just access the application, create a new note, and touch the add menu, represented by a +. There you can select the option to scan documents , which will create an image of what you want to scan.

Once you have done so, you can save the file, and, if you use an Apple Pencil, you can sign directly in the document to send it right afterwards through the share menu. You can also access from the same menu the dialing tool, which allows you to do the same function but without using an Apple Pencil . Thus, you can begin to forget the annoying scanners and have to be always close to one.

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