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Friday, 11 August 2017

Siri could make your iPhone more secure

Siri was one of the most surprising technological additions that Apple has made in recent years, everyone believed that it would not be worth anything - some still believe it , but many users use it every day to facilitate their interaction with devices. the Apple.

It has improved a lot since it was presented , before it was difficult for him to recognize several good sentences in a row, and now he does it without being disturbed. One of the main flaws of Siri, is that it can not function without an Internet connection - something that is not everyone's taste.

And if Siri shielded your iPhone

In the constant improvement of the artificial intelligence of the company, there is a pending task: to recognize only your voice . When several friends have the same iPhone and decide to activate Siri may respond several at a time, since there is no way to know who the user of that iPhone.

Apparently, Apple might be working on this problem not to happen again , and is making Siri able to recognize which voice is speaking and interact only with that voice. But hey, if this were so, our smartphone would gain a huge layer of security, right?

You are right! Without a doubt, if this Apple patent goes ahead and get it implemented on all its devices with Siri, we will get a new way to protect our iPhone from intruders: it will only activate and respond to our voice.

Let's not think of spy movies

As it is not yet implemented, we do not know the technology behind this system, but what we see in movies that a person can emulate our voice is not so close to us . In addition, our closest environment will not have access to such technology.

At the moment it only remains to wait , but it would be nice to have a more protective barrier or another way to unlock our device.

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