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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

So you will be completely safe in social networks

Internet has a very high power of communication, the way it allows us to communicate with friends and loved ones around the world is incredible. But that "magnetic" power also gives access to malicious people, so it's always a good idea to keep your safety safe.

Profiles, private or public?

Most social networks give the option of maintaining a private or public profile and by default we usually do this second way. In general, anyone can see a public profile of someone. A private profile, however, usually requires some form of permission. Facebook gives individual control over your publications by varying them from one to another. You can have the photo of your pet as public and private as this crazy party with friends. The rule that must prevail is that what you do not want to know, do not publish it . It's a drawer, but we tend to publish everything without weighing the consequences.

Do you want to connect with your friends, stay in touch with your family and interact with a well-known group of people? A private profile probably makes more sense. Are you trying to build a digital image or online presence? It probably suits you a public profile and taking care of your publications and words.

Location, that great enemy

One of the first mistakes people make when they start sharing digital content is, inadvertently, sharing their location. It's usually something that is done automatically, giving too many clues to everyone where we are at any time. And point and aparate is the theme of holiday travel. Is it really necessary for everyone to know where you are, where you eat and where you stay?

That is why, and now that we are on vacation, be cautious about what you share . It is better that people miss you for a few days of networking, if you are someone active, and then come back wanting to be telling others what you do in every minute. And remember, your profile is built by you, so you will be responsible for everything you hang up. It is simple to give a smart image , besides being more secure .

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