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Friday, 25 August 2017

Take panoramic photos without leaving Facebook

Facebook has allowed users to post 360-degree panoramic photos for some time, but the social network has now included the ability to take 360-degree photos directly from the iPhone and iPad app.

Starting today, the iOS and Android Facebook app will offer the ability to create 360-degree photos without the requirement of third-party applications.

As smartphones do not yet have built-in 360-degree cameras, the process of creating panoramic photos on Facebook is very similar to that of the native iOS camera . Here are the steps you need to take to capture and publish this type of photos on your Facebook iOS app.

Capturing and posting panoramic photos from Facebook on iOS

Follow these steps to complete the process of creating 360-degree photos on Facebook:

1. Open the official Facebook application.

2. Go to the top of the news feed.

3. In your state, tap on the new panoramic photo button.

4. Facebook will open the iPhone / iPad camera.

5. Press the blue button.

6. Gently rotate your device by holding the lens in the center of the screen.

7. Choose the starting point of the picture.

8. Select the thumbnail you want for your panoramic picture.

And ready! This way you have managed to publish your panoramic photo without leaving the official Facebook application. And you will get results as fascinating as the one we share next!

The result will allow viewers to move their iPhone (or any other smartphone) from side to side to view all the panoramic picture or slide their finger on the screen to discover the content.

Panoramic 360-degree photos are an ideal choice to show all your friends and family the environment around you . Especially on trips, so that they can also enjoy the beautiful landscapes and their sights.

How about the introduction of panoramic photos in the official Facebook application? Have you already been able to mess with the new functionality?

Via | Applesfera

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