That would be the iPhone 8 transparent. Impossible but spectacular -


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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

That would be the iPhone 8 transparent. Impossible but spectacular

Despite this brief break in news to count Apple's overwhelming sales during the third quarter of 2017 , the iPhone 8 remains unstoppable in its hype and its almost continuous leaks. And is that just over a month of his theoretical launch, is now when the most faithful leaks take place .

Among the many details that we know and the Firmware HomePod confirms we can highlight the wireless load, the borderless screen with an area that will replace the Home button that will be customizable, that will not have Touch ID but if facial recognition, and that The latter will be reliable.

A few weeks ago, a possible new color, the mirror effect , something that aroused much interest between potential buyers but also certain fears, and is that no one wants it to deteriorate as quickly as the iPhone 7 Jet Black .

So playing with that concept of mirror and with it will be made with glass to allow wireless charging, someone has come up with a bright and futuristic idea about how the iPhone 8 could be, going a step further: Can you imagine a IPhone 8 transparent in which you could see its interior?

Stop imagining why you can see it , it has occurred to a German artist Curved Labs who has been good to generate a video with a render. Although it is not transparent at all, if we can see the motor tacrine, the battery and its chip, the A11. Precious, is not it?

Hardware lovers surely love this design, but at the moment of truth, I do not know if many users would like to see how the electronics that are hidden under the case and prefer something simpler. But well, at least on the theoretical level is spectacular .

Via | Mashable

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