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Saturday, 5 August 2017

The 10 Things the iPhone Removed from My Life

The irruption of the iPhone in the communications landscape has meant that our habits change and we have banished many tasks of our life. It seems a lie how the way we interacted with our daily chores has changed through these devices.

Let's make a list of 10 things that the iPhone eliminated from my life.

Ask for an address

Now it's as easy as opening the Maps application and letting go. Already only resort to ask in extreme cases.


Those train journeys in which you had forgotten a book or the press were eternal. As the iPhone always goes with us the entertainment is usually insured.

Losing something for not carrying camera

The iPhone already has a very good camera, the possibility of portraying anything but small is there.

Have a separate music player

Retirement of iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle confirm that everything is now in one, our favorite phone is also a great music player.

Having a computer to send an email

Do you remember those modems at 56 kbps? Having the mail at your fingertips was never so easy.

Forget about buying a scanner

We have a multitude of applications that with the camera of the iPhone allow to scan documents with an amazing quality.

Go out with chronometer

Now we take the iPhone in a band or stick to the arm to mark the times and mark the routes.

Open night locks

Before we made many attempts with the keys and now with the integrated flashlight we hit the first.

Pick up a restaurant card

If you liked a place where you had eaten you asked for a card in the local to be able to return later. Now you leave any comments on TripAdvisor, and your opinion is seen and valued.

Buy a recipe book

Probably something that has happened to the story, now you connect to YouTube and you have 1000 versions of that salad that you like.

Before life was not so complex, but now that we have an iPhone we have to recognize that this makes us certain tasks are easier to do. Do you think something is missing from the list? Sure, that's why we want to see it written in comments .

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