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Friday, 25 August 2017

The 11 hidden iOS details that change everything

The mobile operating system of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has so many functions, features and features that it is virtually impossible to know them all. Luckily, we have some great tutorials and iOS tricks that will help you master your terminal.

In this article we invite you to know 11 hidden details of iOS that will allow you to improve the use that you give to your iPhone and iPad. They are really useful secret functions. Do you want to discover them? Come with us!
Hidden iOS features

1. Tag images 

A very useful function to add arrows, marks, text and other elements . Open Photos, select an image, press the edit button, press the circular icon with three points and finally in the "Dialing" option.

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2. Notify reading 

You can enable and disable read notifications for the Messages app in each individual conversation. Just press the info button and the option "Notify reading".

3. Use the iPhone as a magnifying glass 

Go to Settings> General> Accessibility to turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass with the "Magnifier" functionality.

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4. Selfie! 

You can ask Siri "Hey Siri, take a selfie" to open the Camera app automatically.

5. Song Lyrics 

You can also read the lyrics of your favorite songs from Apple Music from the "Show" option of each song.

6. Delete all notifications 

IOS offers the possibility to delete all notifications at the same time from the iPhone keeping your finger pressed on the X of the Notifications Center thanks to the 3D Touch.

7. Close all tabs 

It is possible to close all the tabs of Safari using the 3D Touch in the button of tabs of the iPhone and keeping the finger pressed on him in the iPad.

8. Low quality images 

If you want to save a good amount of mobile data (or storage space) activate the option "Images with low quality" from Settings> Messages.

9. Real-time collaboration 

One of the most useful functions of the Notes application is real-time collaboration . With it you can create lists of tasks, lists of the purchase, work in projects and much more with friends, relatives, companions and your partner. Activate it using a new note in iCloud with the option of the icon with the shape of a person.

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10. Find pictures 

The iOS apps section in the Messages app has an app for searching for images and embedded GIFs . Look at Mom, without Google!

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11. Read your voicemail 

You can have your iPhone read your messages in your voice mailbox by transcribing the audio into Phone> Voicemail .

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