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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The 11 Rules for Apple's Success for its Employees

We know that if there is a company that is successful is Apple, it is beyond doubt due to the popularity of its devices, brand philosophy and that feeling that many consumers have, "Apple never fails."

Huxley Dunsany, a former Apple employee, set up a set of 11 "rules for success" that were placed on the back of his employee badge when he started at Apple in 2004. The "JB" referred to in The card is John Brandon, who was vice president of sales in the United States and Pacific for Apple .

" He was a great guy in my interactions with him, despite his high position in relation to my total rookie status back then. It really seemed to live by these rules and made the whole organization feel something really special, " wrote Dunsany.

In 2004, Apple was not the giant it is today. He had just launched the first iPod Mini, Steve Jobs was still CEO , and the first projects that would become the iPhone had just begun in Cupertino, California.

One of Dunsany's favorite rules is number 5, "Everyone sweeps the floor."

"It means that no work is too low-level or unimportant for any person. In other words, do not get a great achievement just because you work for Apple or you have a promotion or you're making lots of dollars for sale per year, the basics matter, and it's always expected to help you no matter how high you go or how extravagant you think That you are, "he wrote.

Dunsany worked in a retail sales position called the Apple Solutions Consultant, but the lessons are widely applicable to a variety of jobs and careers .

Here is the complete list:

-Leave the old, make the most of the future.

-Always tell the truth, we want to hear the bad news before it's late.

-It is expected that the highest level of integrity, in case of doubt, asks.

-Learn to be a good entrepreneur, not just a good seller.

"Everyone sweeps the floor.

"Be professional in your style."

"Listen to the customer, he almost always gets it.

Create winning relationships with our partners.

-Be careful with each other, sharing information is a good thing.

"Do not take yourself too seriously.

-Divortete, otherwise it's not worth it.


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