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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The 3 functions of the iPhone 8 that will revolutionize the smartphone industry

If the rumors are correct Apple will present an iPhone 7s, an iPhone 7s Plus and an iPhone 8 during the first two weeks of next September. The iPhone 8 (iPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone Anniversary ...) will be launched to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the smartphone and will have many improvements in both design and performance level.

The company's iconic apple-bite smartphone has always had a big impact on the mobile phone market . There are many companies that look at the iPhone to offer their consumers the most advanced technology and the most useful features. And the iPhone 8 will bring a series of news that the world will dream of having.

In a way, Apple helps other companies provide technology for mass adoption . It's not about copying, it's about making a better world. The three functions discussed below will change the course of the smartphone industry. In fact, they may come to transform your future smartphone, whatever your brand.

Face Recognition

The first feature that will have a major impact on the smartphone market is face recognition (or iris recognition). Apple could replace the technology of its Touch ID fingerprint sensor or complement it with this security protection that will automatically recognize the user's face. Although Apple's top rival Samsung has already incorporated this technology, if Apple implements it on the iPhone will have a much greater impact.

Wireless charge

It is said that Apple always takes an existing technology to improve it and serve it on a silver platter to its consumers. The company is late for wireless charging , but they have been working very hard to offer a system that will revolutionize the market . In fact, this will greatly favor consumers who choose to buy a mid-range smartphone in the next 2 years. All will have wireless charging. Bye cables!

Augmented reality

We know that Apple has focused many of its efforts on developing an augmented reality technology for its iPhone 8. After the success of Pokémon GO, Apple knows that there is much future in this feature. Its ARKit platform has already demonstrated everything developers can do in their applications . And this will not only revolutionize the mobile phone industry ... it will change the world.

Via | TIME

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