The 5 reasons why the iPad has resurfaced like the Phoenix -


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Sunday, 6 August 2017

The 5 reasons why the iPad has resurfaced like the Phoenix

This week we knew something that Apple has accustomed us: its overwhelming numbers of profits and sales . But among that maremágnum of numbers excelled one above all of them, the resurgence of the iPad . After more than a year of continued decline in sales, the Apple tablet was up 15% more than last year .

A surprise that no one expected despite Apple's efforts to revive a declining sector with its iPad Pro . And is that, with a panorama ravaged by smartphones with the bigger screens and laptops, it was taken for granted that it was a gadget aimed at extinction . What has led the iPad to resurrect Phoenix Bird?

The best tablet on the market

Let's face it, Apple manufactures quality products made to last . The performance of this terminal is brutal and the same we can say of the quality of its screen.

It is clear that they suffer the programmed obsolescence like all other technological gadgets, but if you do not require the latest model because you use it to consume content, check the mail, surf the internet and some office work ... you have a tablet that will give the Carving for more than a lustrum .

Most users do not need a laptop

Apple has been hammering with time that the iPad is the perfect substitute for the laptop and under certain premises, is right.

What premises? Very simple, if for your work you use very specific programs like Solidworks, Photoshop or Autocad; If you require a computer to edit video, photo or sound in a professional way; If you develop code for video games, programming or, finally, if you are a gamer ... then do not even think about it, an iPad can never replace a computer .

But it happens that most users use their computers for office tasks, to watch series and videos on YouTube, to write emails, to surf the internet, to see their social networks ... then, an iPad is simply perfect .

No viruses

Yes, the iPad is perfect . And is that, if you look at the market, you will not find a computer with such a good performance for 400 euros and that, moreover, this is important, do not have a virus.

We have all bought a cheap laptop and we have learned that in these cases, cheap is expensive: overheating, slowness, having to buy software ... not worth it.

The iPad is optimized as Apple develops software tailored to their hardware to be able to squeeze all their components to the maximum and we will take advantage of an operating system as intuitive and safe as iOS

It is truly transportable

You take it and take it to the bedroom. Read the press and the latest episode of Orange is the new black on Netflix. You move him to the living room and answer the mails. You put it in the bag and you just wrote a text on horseback between a cafeteria and the bus.

That there is no Wi-Fi? You have data. The iPad fits on any side and also, its battery if that lasts . Let's go back to cheap laptops ... how long did the battery last for 6 months after you bought it? Less than an hour. There are no further questions, Your Honor.

Apple has been able to stratify your audience

Apple knows that it should expand its niche market . Yes, traditionally its customers have been geeks, lovers of the latest technology and professionals who did not want to complicate themselves, but now there are also many people who simply want a good gadget, easy to use and that does not give them failures or problems of any kind. Buy it and enjoy.

For the former, the iPad Pro feels like a thumbs-up. But for the latter, the iPad "low cost" is the perfect alternative.

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