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Friday, 25 August 2017

The 5 Reasons Why The iPhone 7s Will Be A Total Failure

Yesterday we knew several leaks that detail a secret to voices: that the iPhone 7s range will be a mere continuation of the iPhone 7 , something that we could verify seeing how are several of its components as the motherboard or the screen . Do not get me wrong, it will be a big terminal but given the current situation, I think it will be a resounding failure .

But I insist, the situation is key: in recent months we have seen the OnePlus 5, the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, even the Nokia 8! ... terminals that yes, have the Android ecosystem but that face the IPhone 7s, which excites absolutely nothing.

The iPhone 7s will be a total failure


What do all the above mentioned terminals have in common outside the operating system? They have no borders or almost do not have them . It is a reality, the trend now is the large screens to take full advantage of the dimensions.

Let's take a look at the iPhone 7s. You will see that the design is exactly like that of its predecessor. And if you look at the iPhone 6s you will find that the differences are minimal. Obviously, the same goes for the iPhone 6. And so silly we have gone until 2014, the year of the launch of the iPhone 6 and the redesign of the iPhone. Three years with almost a clone . Change the times, change the tastes and if you are the champion of innovation in the smartphone market, it is an obligation for you to change to be better, to be different.

Definitively, the design of the iPhone 7s does not put us anything .


Yes, we know that the iPhone 7s will feature some hardware improvements as they are a faster processor, the A11. Predictably it will also be more water resistant than its predecessor and it is speculated that it will have wireless load , but we do not have them all with it. And it is that if they repeat materials, then obviously it will not be possible, since it is necessary that the shell be of crystal to use the induction. An interesting feature that perhaps would lead some unwary to purchase is the fast charge, but no rumor has been heard about it.

Of course, they are good improvements. But if you've tried an iPhone 7 or even an iPhone 6s - we're also worth an iPhone SE -, you'll know they're going like a shot. In the last year I have used these terminals and endured my brutal day by day. No, I do not need more. Having such devices, I would not invest in renewing my mobile just for that .


Here is the real crux of the matter. Let's face it, we do not know for sure if it will have wireless charging or water resistance, but on Amazon you can find docks and waterproof cases for less than 20 euros. So no, the internal developments of the iPhone 7s are not enough to launch us to buy it . And there are no external changes.

Because in addition, if the starting price of the iPhone 7 were 700 euros and 900 euros for the iPhone 7 Plus, it is not unreasonable to think that the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus will come with a similar price or even something higher. At that price, it's not worth it. Another thing would be that it was released at 500-600 euros, something that unfortunately will not occur .

The iPhone 7

If the reasons above seemed few, here I go with another. When the iPhone 7s, the iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone 8 are introduced, the iPhone 7 will go down in price . We know that Apple is not to make big sales, but it will be plausible a € 100 discount, although if you look good on the internet, surely you give with an offer of 500 euros.

So if you are going to buy an iPhone and do not look for the latest in the market , it is quite logical that you probably prefer iPhone 7 and save some money on the iPhone 7s. And because? Because it's not worth it.

The iPhone 8

For months and months we have been increasing our hype with the special edition of iPhone, iPhone X, iPhone Edition or iPhone 8. A terminal that will be all screen, with OLED technology, facial recognition, inductive wireless charging, dual vertical camera, fast charge, Reality Increased ... a real brutality made smartphone that is called to mark a before and after in the market .

The iPhone 8 does indeed excite, it does generate expectation, it does innovate ... and if you are about to spend a thousand euros for a terminal terminal, it is logical that you bet on it. With the iPhone 8 you will have a terminal that will not be surpassed by the competition in years .

And you, what do you think? Will you buy an iPhone 7s? Do you think it will be a success in sales?

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