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Sunday, 27 August 2017

The 9 infallible tricks to save battery on iPhone

If there is a complaint that is repeated continuously among iPhone users regardless of the model they have, that is the battery life . And is that if you are an intensive user of your terminal, after months is difficult to endure a hard day of work.

For that reason, it is quite common to see us very happy with our device but attached to the charging cable - or to a power bank in its defect - as if it were an umbilical cord . To try to minimize this dependency and in turn to express the maximum capacity of the battery, we want to show you a series of infallible tricks to save battery in the iPhone .

How to save battery on iPhone

Do not let your iPhone die . Contrary to popular wisdom, it is not recommended that the battery of the iPhone reaches 0%, it is preferable to charge it before, if it can be between 20 and 80% capacity.

Turn off the iPhone once a day . This habit is optimal both to extend the life of your battery and to make sure the iPhone goes faster. It is already known that turning off and on in computing is something almost magical and the performance of the terminal will be favorably affected.

Use your iPhone in the temperature range from 0 to 35 ° C. Do not expose to temperatures outside of this fork. And not only in an environmental way, but the terminal itself: if you notice that it heats while charging, leave it in a cool zone and make sure that the cover allows a proper cooling.

It's better to charge your iPhone a few than to do it all at once . Another myth dismantled: it is not necessary to load it from 0 to 100%, but it is preferable to have it a while for several times a day.

Activates the battery saving mode. Go to Settings > Battery and turn it on. It is surprising how much autonomy increases with this simple optimization, which will simply control the brightness of the screen and reduce automatic mail checking, automatic downloads, background updates, visual effects, etc. In short your experience with your mobile will hardly be affected.

Turn off location services , real battery vampires. Go to Settings > Privacy and there disabled globally or in certain apps that you think do not require it.

Disables the update in the background . Another authentic battery coladero. From Settings > General > Background Update , uncheck that option for apps to refresh their content.

Turn off visual effects and animations . You will hardly notice it in your use, but your battery will thank you. In Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce movement .

Prevent apps from updating automatically , yes, in return you'll have to do it yourself when you're at home, with your Wi-Fi and charger handy. In Settings > iTunes Store and App Store , uncheck the updates.

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