The Apple Watch is the successor of the iPod -


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Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Apple Watch is the successor of the iPod

No doubt, Apple has said goodbye to the iPod , with it to one of the company's most famous apple bite device. In those years, we all gave something to have an iPod, when it was not so popularized to have an iPhone or smartphone in general.

It is true that following the line that marks the use and software of smartphones does not make much sense to maintain an iPhone line without calls just because it leaves a few euros cheaper. It is not profitable for them.

Do you want an iPod? Use your Apple Watch

The sixth-generation iPod nano looked a lot like what we now know as a smart watch. It was a revolution to have an iPod so small and fine , so useful and beautiful - even if you could only get it hooked - that clip gave rise to numerous attempts to use it as a watch. Starting the collective anger for the creation of a smartwatch, this was about seven years ago.

Similarities are hateful

If you've had an iPod, you 'll know it has to be synced to a computer just like the Apple Watch to an iPhone and the wait times to synchronize are incredibly slow ... Frustrating in equal parts.

But Apple Watch has a point in its favor: it supports Apple Music , the streaming music service of the Cupertino. IPods have never come to incorporate this application into their software, Apple decided that it was so, you can only listen to music that you have on your computer. This is not all, the Apple Watch also supports Wi-Fi so you can listen to your favorite music by syncing it from Apple Music.


Although it might seem that iPod nano looked and is likely to be a clock, its interface (and software in general) left a lot to be desired . It was a very simple system, in which you could only make a couple of steps, if we face the interface and software of Apple Watch we find an improvement that will make us fall from the seat. The Apple Watch is intuitive, easy to use and gives you a lot of possibilities with your software.

All this is because the Apple Watch is not only a music playback device , but is a clock capable of calculating your activity, receive your notifications and respond, act as a clock, play your music and do several of these Actions simultaneously. What we can say is that, its music application perfectly makes the iPod nano function.

Will Apple make an Apple Watch for music?

Although it is a question that many have been able to formulate in our mind, we can affirm that at the moment that is very improbable . The only users who would go head-to-head for that product are what they do not own an iPhone anymore, that is, they are not Apple's target audience. Those of Cupertino surely have studied this possibility or a similar one before saying goodbye to the iPod Touch, and they have seen that it would take a lot of work for the figures that would be obtained.

Yes, we can see it as a claim to sign new Apple customers , dazzle them with the music player wristband with a bite apple ... but if a user is sent to by the alleged music watch, it is because the price is lower and not Can afford an iPhone or similar. This may have led Apple to say no to the new watch.

Goodbye to the iPod

As they comment on Macrumors , Apple will leave this summer to produce their revered iPod . The icing on the cake for consumer music, the device most music fans - not Apple - have ever had. I myself have an iPod Touch 4th generation, the device that opened the doors to the universe of Apple and technology in general.

No one is going to deny that the iPods have given the face for years, but at the moment they have lost the bellows and have been replaced by devices much more powerful. In addition, now we all go out with a mobile phone and the pockets are getting smaller ... Why should we want to charge us with unnecessary devices if we already have one that fulfills the role of everyone else? His older brother has moved him little by little to eat all his land.

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