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Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Apple Watch Series 3 could look like a completely revamped design

We were not very sure it was going to be Apple Watch this year. Until just a few days ago, it looked like we would not even have a Series 3 this year, but it's all started to change. To begin with, a possible launch date for the Apple Watch Series 3 has been known . This new watch, would take advantage of the event of the next iPhone to be presented, and its release to the market would be given soon after.

And in case we had little, a few hours ago we knew through Bloomberg what would probably be the great novelty of this year. And is that the Series 3 would be Apple's first smart clock with mobile connectivity , something that would allow it to have a level of autonomy of the iPhone totally new to the line. Had we continued like this, we would have stayed with this as the most important change of the new model, however, has just appeared a new rumor about its design.

The Apple Watch Series 3 would be the biggest renovation of the watch since its launch

Following the publication of Bloomberg's article that the new watch would have the ability to connect to mobile networks, John Gruber , a blogger known for having a good network of contacts at Apple, reported that the new Apple Watch could suffer An important redesign , but warns that it is not something safe. If this is true, it would be the first to suffer the line. With Series 2, they decided to follow a continuist trend, and they simply made internal changes.

For now, we do not have more details on what would be the new Series 3, although everything has to be said, looks really good. Just to be true of LTE connectivity, which is quite likely coming from Bloomberg, would create enough interest for many users to consider change . If, in addition, it renews its form with respect to the previous generations, then many will be thrown of head for him.

And you, would you like to change the design of Apple Watch?

Via | AppleInsider

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