The Apple Watch will soon be the best-selling Smart Watch -


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Friday, 4 August 2017

The Apple Watch will soon be the best-selling Smart Watch

The Apple Watch is a very successful device, however it is very difficult to come to understand why. This incredible smart watch had one of the worst early receptions ever ; Many people bought it out of curiosity and sold it secondhand in a short time.

Apparently things have changed since Apple has shipped a total of 30 million Apple Watch since 2015. 30 million a priori does not seem an unreasonably high amount, but we are talking about a high-end product that costs more than 350 euros . In addition, the number of shipments is increasing as in this second quarter of this year, Apple has sold 2.8 million Apple Watch , 56% more than last year.

This does not end here since Apple is gaining a foothold in the world of wearables , where Xiaomi is the undisputed leader followed by Fitband.

Sales of wearables

As can be seen in the image, this year Xiaomi prevailed Fitbit in sales , but Apple is not anything short, as it is about to reach its rivals. If it were a smartwatch any this would not be as relevant as the market is changing, but we are talking about a smart clock that requires an iPhone to work .

No doubt the Apple Watch will continue to increase its sales just as the iPhone does , it is no secret that the Apple Watch is the perfect watch to use with an iPhone (it is made for him).

However it remains surprising that a watch dedicated to a single phone is making so many sales , and more bearing in mind that its competitors (most of them) are also compatible with the only phone with which the Apple Watch is compatible, the IPhone.

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