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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The best beach wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

It's official: August has arrived. The month chosen by most mortals to disconnect from the routine and take the holidays: naturist tourism, discover cities, visit the family of the village ... but if there is a plan by antonomasia, is to go to the beach. No matter what it is to Bali than to Benidorm, what will the beach have for us to like so much when we end up with sand up in our ears?

We do not know if they are the waves, the salt or the sand, but our favorite destination is still the same as that of childhood. So, if you are one of those lucky ones who has not had to get up early today and is packing their bags for a longer or short trip that will take you to a beach, we have something for you .

Yes, we know that the iPhone and iPad are not as personalized as Android, but the truth is that we did not complain too much. IOS is getting more beautiful and of course, it has no parallel in security. One of the few things that we can modify is the desktop background, so taking advantage of holidays on one side and your desire for the beach for another, we are going to offer you a series of wallpapers for iPhone with beach and sea motifs .

Do not miss them, because you are sure to find one that will make you fall in love . To download them, simply click on download, you will see the photo occupying your entire screen. At that point, click on the share icon and you can now select what to do: save the photo on the reel of your device or set it as wallpaper.

Beach Wallpapers for iPhone

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