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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The best mountain wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

It is less than two weeks before the end of August and while many have had to return to work and say goodbye to holidays, others are lost in the world enjoying a few days of relaxation, disconnection, sport and many astronomical events such as solar eclipse, Lunar and Perseid rain. By the way, if you are a lover of this type of landmarks, you probably find interesting our selection of best eclipse wallpapers .

Although many bet on the beach - if you are a fan of the sand and the waves you can not miss our collection of beach wallpapers and the maritime sport king: the surf -, others will do for the mountain. And although it enjoys less popularity, it has its point being lost surrounded by forests, rivers, valleys and mountain ranges , forgetting for a while the worldly noise and technology.

If you are one of those, today we have prepared for you a series of wallpapers with a clear theme: the mountains and the natural environment of the countryside and the forest . So whether you are enjoying your vacation or if you have already returned to the office, we want you when you look at your iPhone or iPad to remember the smell of wet grass, the sound of the leaves waving in the wind, the sneakers Full of mud ... those things that only lovers of the wild will understand.

The best wallpapers for iPhone and iPad mountain

Below we have selected a series of wallpapers for iPhone and iPad with more spectacular mountaineering motifs that we have found in Pinterest. If you like any of them, simply click on the "Download" button . Then you will see the photo occupying your entire screen. At that point, click on the share icon and you can now select what to do: save the photo on the reel of your device or set it as wallpaper. As you can see, it's very simple.

What is your favorite? Do you know any other mountain wallpaper you like?

Via | Pinterest

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