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Thursday, 31 August 2017

The big problem with Android is called iOS 11

Like most mortals, I also had an Android . After two models of Blackberry that gave me many joys but were light years in terms of speed and fluidity of what we experience now, I launched to try an Android and I will not fool you: I do not miss it a bit .

Yes, it is true that on Android they have things that we do not enjoy on iOS . Its apps platform has many more applications, you can easily manage all the files it contains, you can customize as you wish, it is much easier to transfer files from a computer ( When will Apple end up with the pain of iTunes? ) . They are great advantages that do not exist in an iPhone.

In fact, from time to time there is always someone who gets bored of the iPhone and thinks about going back. Let's not fool ourselves, the panorama has changed a lot and there are terminals like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the OnePlus 5, the Huawei P10, HTC 11 that are brutal. And you do not have to go so far, for 100 euros the Xiaomi Redmi 4A meets expectations. Of course, to compare an iPhone with justice, you have to do with the premium range of Android . No one would ask a Dacia the same as an Audi because the price is not the same, they do not play in the same league.

So yeah, maybe you lie the blanket to the head and you buy some of those Android mentioned above. In the first days everything will be great, but soon you will have a bad day . Do not get me wrong, roughly, the experience is almost identical: you can send WhatsApp, enter Facebook, check the mail ... The same as an iPhone.

But the experience will not be the same. You will soon notice that what you once did by sliding or with a tap, is now more laborious. The design is also light years. The clear and intuitive interface of iOS will be for you as the memory of your first girlfriend : distant and longed for. Because the essence of Apple is in the details and that is something that Android does not own.

The reason is quite obvious: Apple and Google have different strategies . While Apple makes money selling hardware and obviously, it wants you to keep buying your brand. Google instead makes money collecting data and selling ads, so it really does not matter if you buy a OnePlus as an LG, as long as you continue to use their services. That's why Google gives Android brands to do what they want with it from the beginning.

But for Apple, iOS is its most valuable weapon . I'm not going to fool you: Apple also has ads and collects data, but it does so primarily to improve their apps and help third-party apps monetize their products. And that money that comes from ads is tiny compared to what you earn by selling iPhone. Also, for you to keep buying an iPhone, Apple offers many more tools because it wants you to stay.

With iOS 11 , users will want to stay in the Apple ecosystem more than ever . A very simple example: Look at Messages. A few years ago it was a more messaging application than good, it basically allowed you to send messages to other iOS users (Mac, iPhone, iPad) without needing a phone number. Not bad, right? Have you seen the huge amount of detail you have now? Effects, stickers, backgrounds, drawings by hand ... a joy. Well, in iOS 11, the Messages will be even better.

But it is not the only improvement: with Apple Pay we can make payments between individuals, something that will make us think twice using PayPal or other apps because total, we already have that function integrated in iOS, in the app itself Messages. Apple makes it easy. Have you seen all that we can do with augmented reality with ARKit ?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg . But if you do not care, if the details do not matter to you, then go to Android.

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