The biggest iPhone is the users' favorites ... Although the SE stands -


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Friday, 4 August 2017

The biggest iPhone is the users' favorites ... Although the SE stands

Yesterday took place the usual presentation of Apple's quarterly results, in which the company showed its investors the performance of its products and services in the market . Thanks to this presentation, those who decided to invest in the company in the past could see how they had made the right decision after seeing how they continue to improve over other years. In the case of users, what we witness is something totally different.

We do not depend on those results, so we do not have any need to analyze them in detail, after all, it will not change anything that we do. However, although you do not have to see too much with us, if we could get an idea of ​​the business that handles Apple . And, in particular, we were able to see how certain products were working that at first appeared to be not performing as they should, such as the iPad, with which we took a surprise.

Users are not only waiting for the iPhone 8, but also the renewal of the iPhone SE

Another surprise, has been the one we have had with the iPhone SE. Thanks to data provided by an independent research firm, we have been able to see the diversity of the iPhone base. Currently, in the United States, you can see how users still have phones such as the iPhone 5 in their hands, but this does not prevent the largest number of active phones from belonging to the current generation . The funny thing is how the iPhone SE, despite its smaller size, continues to increase its user base at a good pace.

Bearing in mind that this is a phone designed to meet the needs of a group that Apple is secondary, it is not bad. In fact, it is this growth that is causing the company to consider launching a new version of the phone, something that, personally, would be great to renew my current phone without spending a millionaire. We will have to wait to see if Apple decides to renew this compact version of the iPhone.

Via | 9to5Mac

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