The controversy is served: Is FaceApp the most racist app on the App Store? -


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Saturday, 12 August 2017

The controversy is served: Is FaceApp the most racist app on the App Store?

As you know in the App Store we can find absolutely everything : games, image editing, video and sound, browsers, instant messaging, social networks, productivity ... but if there is a category that takes the palm, that is the retouching of Photographs. Well, today we want to talk about one of them that has unleashed the controversy when being accused of racism.

Overall image retouching apps are all pretty much all alike . They allow access to the reel or even take pictures on the fly and from there start a more or less intensive process of modification: colors, brightness, contrast, filters, textures, text, GIFs, stickers ... when you consider that the photo is perfect, normally You can integrate it into a poster or a collage (this is optional) and finally share it in your networks.

Well, the dynamics of FaceApp is very similar. It allows us to perform selfies and retouch facial features such as cheekbones, smile and even the person's sex (with which some claimed it was a transfobic app). You can make authentic virguerías, if you do not know it, we recommend you to try it . But with its latest novelty has managed to put the cry in the sky of its users.

Because in its latest update, FaceApp has included four filters that allow you to change the race of the person that appears in the photo to four available "races": black, Caucasian, Indian and Asian. This has hurt the sensibilities of many as racist.

So an avalanche of criticism has not been expected and in just a few hours, FaceApp has removed these filters despite the company's own CEO defends them by arguing that they have not been made with negative connotations, but are all the same. However, they are no longer available, so you will not be able to test them and judge for yourself.

 FaceApp: Neural Face Transformations
FaceApp: Neural Face Transformations
Photo & Video

What do you think about the functionality of changing the race? Do you consider it racist? Are you a FaceApp user?

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