The crazy and secret stories of the creation of the first iPhone -


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Friday, 4 August 2017

The crazy and secret stories of the creation of the first iPhone

The history of the development and creation of the first Apple iPhone is full of secrets. Fortunately, Brian Merchant, author of The One Device , wanted to reveal many of these secrets about the company's first smartphone.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the mid-1990s, he enveloped the company in a halo of mystery . He created special teams, kept the names of employees secret and kept the projects away from the press and prying eyes.

To this day, the creation of the first iPhone is usually associated with Steve Jobs, or even with Jony Ive. But nothing further from reality, the truth is that there were many teams of brilliant designers and engineers who worked on this great project.

There is a secret story behind every aspect of the first iPhone

The iPhone you're holding right now in your hands, whatever the model is, hides a secret story behind each of its components and features . Apple never usually mentions exactly how it is done or how it has reached every point of its development process.

To discover all the information of each of the secret stories of the creation of the iPhone, you have to trace the origin of your materials . From the metal mines in Bolivia, the lithium mines in Chile, and the large manufacturing industries in China.

There are many other secret stories about the creation of the first iPhone; Pioneers of technologies such as the multitouch , such as Wayne Westerman, Bill Buxton and Bent Stumpe, people totally unknown by fans and Apple fans, but that made possible the creation of the first smartphone in history.

Understanding all these secret stories of the iPhone is crucial to understand how a device as important in the era of modern technology as the iPhone has evolved .

Source | Indy100

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