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Sunday, 27 August 2017

The disgusting iPhone charger that nobody ever asked for

At CP we always like to offer you the best of the best, and if it can be at a good price, then even better. Unfortunately in our incessant search for apps, accessories and gadgets for your iPhone and iPad sometimes we find things that simply leave us with our mouths open and wondering about the future of the human species .

Today is a day of those in which after a hard day of work, we are going to exfoliar strongly in the shower after what we proceed to show you next. If you are a proud owner of an iPhone you will know that the battery is not exactly its strong point . In fact, as you are an avid user, it will be a matter of months before you start to carry a power bank always on top and even your charger.

And it is that we depend as much on electricity as a child is fed from his mother through the umbilical cord . How forced this last, is not it? That you believe it, because someone in Japan has come up with this same analogy much earlier than us and has decided to give it life.

After hearing how smartphones we've been lately, its creator decided to design an umbilical cord-shaped charger that, as we charge our iPhone, moves with impulses emulating the fetus's real nutrition. It's disgusting, disgusting, disturbing and of course, it does not leave anyone indifferent.

If you want to get it, you can buy it in Etsy , but its price is almost as surprising as its appearance: almost 5000 Euros, shipping not included. And it may be something of the most disgusting, but you have to recognize that it is tremendously realistic, if you even see the pores of the skin! . If you are eccentric enough and you can afford it, do not miss this opportunity.

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