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Friday, 11 August 2017

The figures do not lie: 3 statistics to rely on the iPhone

It's been a decade since the iPhone dominates the smartphone market. Apple sold a million and a half first-generation iPhone.

To this day, the Apple's iconic smartphone bite represents more than 60% of its total profits .

There are some very curious facts about the use of Apple iPhone. For example ... Did you know that 25% of all smartphones used in the world (April) are iPhone? Awesome…!

But there are still more, many more statistics that will leave you hallucinating.

63% of iPhone sold still in use

Since 2013 iPhone sales have tripled compared to previous years. Until then, Apple sold 400 million units. But since 2013 the numbers have continued to rise to the staggering figure of almost 1.2 billion units .

31.3% of the iPhone in use are in China , 16.4% of the active iPhone are in the United States and the rest are spread around the world. We talk about 728 million iPhone!

30% of the active iPhone belong to the model 6 and 6 Plus

Of those 728 million active iPhone, 30% belong to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models . It should be noted that these models had a great impact among consumers as their generation involved a major change over the iPhone 5s.

This statistic is very interesting, indicates that the United Arab Emirates owns 27% of all sales of iPhone 7, sharing the first position with the United States.

On the other hand, it is interesting to know the percentage of each iPhone model in use. Here we leave the most recent versions:

  • IPhone SE: 3%
  • IPhone 6: 21%
  • IPhone 6 Plus: 9%
  • IPhone 6s: 18%
  • IPhone 6s Plus: 8%
  • IPhone 7: 11%
  • IPhone 7 Plus: 8%

Curiously, there are more people with the iPhone 5s than with the iPhone 7.

85% of iOS devices have the latest version of iOS

Finally, we share a fact that speaks highly in favor of the fusion between software and Apple hardware. 85% of active devices run iOS 10 , the latest version of the mobile operating system.

On the other hand, Android suffers from fragmentation and only has 11% of devices with the latest version of its operating system (Nougat) installed.

Source | Newzoo

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