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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The invisible news of the latest version of WhatsApp

Everyone knows WhatsApp so the presentations will not be necessary. Today we have to talk about an incredible update of this app , which surely you do not even know it exists or what it is that changes.

The new update of the popular instant messaging application adds 3 functions that you surely will not know. And honestly, they are simple functions but once you discover what they are you will not be able to live without them . Therefore, please keep reading at your own risk.

Zoom in profile photo

Yes, everyone has thought the same, why the hell was not this implemented already ? Because the answer is not known and surely can not be solved without some programmer of the application feel embarrassed. Now you can zoom in on profile photos from around the world on WhatsApp.

This is neither incredibly useful nor a novelty, as we always say, in any other application you can find the functions that WhatsApp wants to implement .

Shortcuts for different functions

WhatsApp is going to be added to the 3D Touch car. In this new update the popular application will add functions to this . Of course the 3D Touch already worked on the WhatsApp icon, but apparently this update incorporates new features for this.

Switch from a voice call to a video call

We all know this was already on Telegram much earlier, but now we have it on WhatsApp. Now we can switch from a conventional call to a video call with a simple touch without any interruption. Before this we should hang up and call back.

These 3 new features of the new version of WhatsApp may not be the best thing the company has done, but they are still anxious to add features - inspired by other applications - and improve the application . Given that it is an application that millions of people use, better that new features are emerging so that our daily use with it is better and more productive.

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