The iPhone 8 could copy the Pencil of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 -


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Friday, 25 August 2017

The iPhone 8 could copy the Pencil of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

There are voices who have always called on Apple to develop a pencil for their smartphone, the iPhone. In fact, nearly a year ago, a comment from Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested that there was something about using an Apple pen on an iPhone , an idea that has always been around.

"If you've ever seen what you can create with that pen on an iPad or iPhone, it's really amazing . "

Patently Apple later observed a number of patents describing just this, and two more have been published today.

"Today, two more Apple patent applications have appeared with a smartphone. For the first time ever, the verbiage of Apple's patent actually listed the iPhone as a targeted product for Apple Pencil . "

"In patent application 20170242499 entitled" Noise Correction for a Touch Stylus ", Apple notes that its patent figure 1 shows a touch screen, such as a" smartphone or tablet. " The patent later specifically clarifies that the smartphone and the tablet are in fact an iPhone and an iPad . "

Although an iPhone screen may be small to draw, iOS 11 adds the ability to use the stylus for dialing web pages, emails, screenshots and much more and of course can also be used to take handwritten notes. While the usual waiver applies on Apple's many patents that never make it into products, this seems to be unlikely.

In a survey conducted, a third of users said they would definitely use an Apple pen with an iPhone compatible with this option. Now that the Samsung Note 8 has just been introduced , the Californian firm may be asking. We know that these two titans are always at the forefront of presenting innovations, although the Korean form has to prove something great, after the fiasco of Note 7.

Some have suggested that Apple can create a smaller version of Apple's pencil for use with the iPhone. Is that something that would increase the appeal of this terminal? We would love to hear from you in the comments .

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