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Thursday, 24 August 2017

The iPhone 8 will also recognize you in the dark

The tenth anniversary iPhone (iPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone 8 ...) will feature a very advanced facial recognition system . So much so, that the functionality will be able to recognize the face of a user in a few milliseconds . But, furthermore, as we have discovered today ... you will be able to recognize your face in the dark .

As terrifying as it sounds, the possibility of your iPhone recognizing you in the twilight is far more useful than it seems considering that on many occasions throughout the day we find ourselves in places with very dim ambient lighting. Unlocking the iPhone 8 without using a single finger and in a matter of milliseconds will be really handy.

Facial recognition functionality will be present in the top front frame of the iPhone 8 that brings together the FaceTime camera and 3D sensors.

Facial recognition will be the star feature of the iPhone 8

Rumors about the incorporation of a face recognition system into the 10th anniversary smartphone have been circulating on the net for months. But it has never been clear how this service would actually work . In addition, there have been terminals and devices with this technology that have failed unsuccessfully, so there is some concern about this issue.

According to the sources, the face recognition of the iPhone 8 will be incredibly fast, accurate and very safe. It will include a series of features never seen, such as infrared cameras that allow you to recognize your face in the dark and processors that will provide a very precise system even if the iPhone is some distance or in a horizontal position.

Other companies like Samsung have integrated this facial recognition (and iris detection) functionality into their smartphones over the past few years. But they have not been able to make the performance so fast, or become the only safe method to protect the lock screen.

Hopefully Apple will be more successful with its face recognition system for the iPhone 8, and users can say that ... "No, it's not a selfie, it's facial recognition."

Via | Applesfera

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