The iPhone 8 will have an unrivaled super camera on the market -


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Thursday, 3 August 2017

The iPhone 8 will have an unrivaled super camera on the market

The HomePod firmware code is giving a lot , I would say that few times a company has revealed so much information about a future product accidentally. From the shape of the future iPhone 8, to the inplantation of certain functions in the new phone, everything was among the rumors that have been appearing these months. But it has not been until, thanks to the new device of the Cupertino, we have been able to begin to confirm some of the details of the iPhone celebrating the tenth anniversary of the line.

Today, it was the turn of the camera. So far, we only knew that it would be optimized for augmented reality functions , and that it would allow the use of precise facial recognition technology. However, this seems to be just the beginning. Apple is saving some aces up its sleeve, although it is having a hard time protecting those surprises. Even having all those protocols they claim to have for these cases. For now, one of those surprises has been choked by the HomePod again.

The iPhone's camera will have smart features, but it's still unclear how it's used

According to some snippets found in the HomePod firmware code, the iPhone 8 camera would have some sort of intelligent scene recognition system . This function is called "Smartcam", and although it is not very clear how it works, it follows that it will help improve the look of our photos with the help of artificial intelligence. It may be something similar to Google Photos auto-editing, but it seems that you will apply the settings before shooting, not after taking the photo.

Despite all these rumors, it is still quite likely that it is a slightly improved automatic mode for the new sensors in the phone. But for now, all we have left is to try to make sense of all the pieces of this great puzzle that is the iPhone 8 that is giving us the code of the HomePod. Hopefully we do not have to wait much longer so we can have all the official data.

What does the new iPhone look like with what has been discovered so far?

Via | MacRumors

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