The iPhone generates more benefits than any product from Microsoft or Google -


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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The iPhone generates more benefits than any product from Microsoft or Google

The iPhone is a wonderful product whose sales have taken the apple company bite to the top of the financial sector of the technology world.

Since the introduction of the first iPhone 10 years ago, Apple has generated much more revenue than Microsoft and Google (Alphabet) together.

A very recent statistical analysis has revealed some amazing data about Apple's ability to generate profits. Their incomes, as the graph shows, are far superior to those of technology giants like Microsoft and Google .

Apple managed to outperform Microsoft over a two-year period

At the beginning of 2011, Apple's revenue was well below Microsoft's revenue. However, by mid-2012 the company's bite apple began to outperform Microsoft .

Microsoft, one of the most prestigious technology companies in history, has never been able to regain its place in the revamped market for mobile devices. Even so, it generates a lot of benefits thanks to Windows, Office, Xbox and other products.

For its part, Google has managed to adapt better to the times that run with technology as widespread as Gmail, Google Maps and its Android operating system . In addition, since Alphabet have bet heavily on the smartphone market with the launch of Google Pixel

But, curiously enough, despite the profits of Google and Microsoft, these companies can not compete with the benefits that Apple generates or pooling all its income . Since 2007, Apple has made $ 321 billion. For their part, together, Google and Microsoft have generated 320.7 billion dollars.

The data has been collected by the company Quartz between 2007 (presentation of the first iPhone) until the end of 2016. We will see if the thing remains the same at the end of this year 2017, but everything seems to indicate that Apple will continue to be a leader in terms of sales and income . What do you think about this news? Will Microsoft recover its throne? Why do you think Alphabet generates so little income?

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