The key to the success of the iPhone 8 is in China -


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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The key to the success of the iPhone 8 is in China

At present, China represents the second most important market for Apple in regards to the iPhone. Consequently, it is also relevant to the company's balance sheet, with the iPhone revenue being 55% of the total according to the latest results. It is for this reason that the company must be very careful when launching the new iPhone 8 in the Asian country. And is that a minimum error can be very expensive.

In this case, the iPhone 8 will be a major revolution compared to other models. The design is almost confirmed, and we all have clear that will not have an equal in the history of Apple. So, for Apple, it is a perfect opportunity to win back those who left behind their phones in favor of those offered by the company's great Asian rivals. And you will have to do very well to achieve it.

Apple compensates for leaving the skin to please the Chinese government

A few days ago, we saw how the company had decided to adopt new rules in the Chinese variant of the App Store . With this, they achieved the first step towards their great goal, among other things, because it will avoid creating an enemy with power to leave your mobile out of circulation. However, this is not the only problem for the company, and in fact, it is one of the things they have recognized in their presentation of results.

Another major problem of the company, is the ecosystem that has been formed around WeChat , the instant messaging app from Tencent. This application has made users stop worrying about the model of their phone, simply want a mobile on which the app works. That's why Apple should offer differentiating features over all other models , and it should do so already. Because otherwise, your presence in China will be more and more dangerous.

Via | 9to5Mac

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