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Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Magic of ARKit and Apple's Augmented Reality

Apple introduced the ARKit developer platform during the iOS 11 presentation conference that took place in San Jose, California.

Since its introduction, there are already many developers who have had the opportunity to "hack" with this technology. And they have created wonderful apps! In this article we will show you, in videos, everything that is capable of doing the magic of augmented reality ...

Do not miss out on one of the videos we share below, because the things developers are able to do with ARKit's augmented reality platform are crazy. It's brutal. Enjoy!

Star Wars

During the iOS 11 presentation event, Apple showed some of the augmented reality features with a demonstration of Star Wars with Laser Sabers, Speeders and Darth Vader on the planet Mustafar.

How to Learn to Dance

One of the most interesting uses of ARKit is related to tutorials. This technology will allow us to learn all sorts of things. For example, in this video an augmented reality application will teach you how to dance. Super fun!

Take On Me

If you're a fan of the mythical song of the 80's "Take On Me" from the A-ha group, this video will drive you crazy. A developer has perfectly imitated his video clip thanks to the augmented reality technology of the ARKit platform.


The augmented reality of iOS 11 will also be extremely useful to take measurements of any element, even of the rooms of your house ...

Three-dimensional portal

In this video you'll see how a developer has created a three-dimensional augmented reality portal in their application. It is very fun to see how on one side of the portal you can see the real world with people walking and on the other side a virtual world created with fabulous 3D graphics.


And finally, a fun video showing how the augmented reality of ARKit can take the world of Minecraft to real life ... Blocks everywhere!

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