The mythical TEKKEN could reach your iPhone very soon -


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Sunday, 20 August 2017

The mythical TEKKEN could reach your iPhone very soon

If you like fighting games you are in luck because Bandai Namco has recently announced that it will launch the mythical TEKKEN game on both iOS and Android .

In fact, TEKKEN is already available in the App Store of Canada . The game has been published in the app store in this country as a pre-release , as has happened on so many other occasions.

As indicated by the description of the game, TEKKEN players will have the possibility to control their favorite characters of the franchise: Kazuya, Xiayou, Law, Panda ... A game for lovers of the genre!

TEKKEN will have up to 100 different characters

Adapting a fighting game, and of such magnitude, to the touch screens of devices like the iPhone or the iPad is not an easy task. So, the logical thing is that Bandai Namco has simplified the controls losing in gameplay but gaining in intuitiveness .

TEKKEN has an advanced fighting system with fighting techniques from all over the world. From kung fu to taekwondo, to wrestling or boxing. The game will have up to 100 characters that we can unlock and each of the fighters will have 20 unique special moves . These movements can be improved, and the characters can go up the level.

Obviously, TEKKEN will have a story mode of a player in which we will have the possibility of immersing ourselves fully in the world of this exciting fighting game.

In addition, one of the most interesting things TEKKEN for iOS and Android will be that it will have an online multiplayer mode . So you can challenge your friends to epic bouts from the comfort of your living room on your iPhone or iPad.

The game is free, and will soon reach the App Store of other countries. However, you can create an Apple Canada account to download on your iPhone and iPad.

Via | Uber Gizmo

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