The new iPhone will bring wireless charging to cars, drones and appliances -


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Monday, 28 August 2017

The new iPhone will bring wireless charging to cars, drones and appliances

"We believe in a future without cables," said Jonathan Ive, removing the 3.5mm jack from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus while giving way to the new AirPods. The apple bite company does not want its users to spend the day connecting the iPhone to the electric current ...

The decision to put aside the 3.5 mm jack connector for iPhone headphones was very controversial. But it was the right step. One step into an era without cables. A step that no one else dared to give.

Apple wants an easier world, a world where we have the great opportunity to load all our devices at the same time and to do so without the need for cables. Would not it be great to have a kind of device capable of wirelessly charging all the devices in the same room? And a washing machine that is activated with voice commands like Siri? For asking ...!
Only Apple can achieve a future without cables

Next September, when Apple presents the iPhone for its tenth anniversary, it will reveal to the world its first wireless charging system for smartphones . Another cable less. They are expected to present a separate charging dock that will have an electromagnetic surface capable of charging the iPhone wirelessly.

However, the apple company arrives very late, Samsung already had this technology since 2015 . Just like Apple Watch itself. Even electric toothbrushes have used this same technology for years. But no product, no company, no platform has the influence that the iPhone has .

Soon, in the not too distant future, televisions, appliances and other devices will come with their own power supply. And we can definitely say goodbye to the cables.

Electric cars will make wireless charging technology even more crucial, vital. And do not forget that Apple is still working on its Titan project ... So it is likely that the company has already thought about how to get the wireless load to this type of vehicles.

What do you think about all this? Do you believe in a future without cables? Will they continue to be necessary for our daily lives in 10 years? 

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