The next iPhone could be thicker than the iPhone 7 and appears in the production factory (Videos) -


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Thursday, 17 August 2017

The next iPhone could be thicker than the iPhone 7 and appears in the production factory (Videos)

The longed for September brings with it the launch of the new iPhone that has more than one with the controversy of its name, it is noteworthy that the name is not known with which it will be released, since it may be that Apple launches one Or several iPhone models, it is not known whether the final name will be iPhone 7S , iPhone 8 , iPhone X or iPhone Pro ...

It is important to note that the design discussed for these new phones contrasts with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus but these contain a rather important change since the presentation is thicker than the Smartphones this year.

The report highlighting the above information mentions that the phone can measure 0.1mm more (in terms of thickness) than the iPhone 7, since it is said that all its dimensions increase, since the thickness will not be the Unique protagonist.

The cause of the increase in thickness

Everything has an explanation, in this case the reason is this: this new Smartphone will be thicker given the inclusion of a new front and rear glass, with the aluminum frame that connects. But this is just rumors, if it does not happen, the dimensions may be within 7.11 mm thick compared to the previous model (iPhone 7), which measures only 7.1 mm, maybe this is not A big change, but the end of this are the wireless charging capabilities in the alignment. But from this detail very few people will notice.

No doubt we can expect further changes in the various dimensions of this new technological relic, as a similar growth in height and width. Therefore, the increase in thickness is expected to reduce the rotation of the camera on the back of the phone, but by far will be about a quarter of a millimeter. So if you expected the big changes, you will surely be disappointed.

The detail in the images is the design of the double camera on the back, which, like the iPhone 7, is placed horizontally, maybe that's why we talk about a supposed iPhone 7S and not an iPhone 8, Which, according to previous leaks, will have a double chamber placed vertically. Bearing in mind that this is a rumor, it is important to mention it as the next iPhone that Apple could launch.

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